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2 Touch - Tips and Gratuity

Tips & Gratuity
Gratuity and Tips are two different things
Gratuity is auto % if selected and defined in the setup
Gratuity has to be taking off before payment
Gratuity % will print on the receipt 
Split tips
You can split tips by servers
A server must add an item to the ticket in order to be a part of the tip
Should list the tips on the server report
House Tips
In system Setup House Tips
By Job Type 
Set by Dept

2 Touch - credit card off line mode if internet is down

TwoTouch off-line credit card if internet is down
If your internet connection is down you can take credit cards in off-line mode.
This means that you are just capturing the card info only, and then sending it when your internet connection is back up.  You run the risk of taking a bad card because you are not getting authorization.

2 Touch - Enabling Tax Exempt

You can view instructions on how to enable tax exemption HERE.

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